Get ready for a deep-sea adventure like no other! 

Three years after the successful Living Dinosaurs Exhibition in Cyprus – with fantastic attendance of more than 80.000 visitors and more than 30.000 students from organized school visits-we are getting ready to host ‘Dinosaurs of the Ocean’, Asia Pacific’s largest animatronic exhibition of sea monsters that swam our planet millions of years ago.

‘Dinosaurs of the Ocean’ is an interactive, both educational and entertaining exhibition, that addresses to everyone -from kindergarten to students, their parents and older visitors-interested in the evolution of the sea life from the prehistoric era up to now. 

The exhibition hosts 15 different species of life-size animatronic exhibits (up to 16 meters in length) with life-like movements, colours, textures and sounds, delivering unique “real life” encounters with these massive sea reptiles and many fun and engaging activities.

Based on Japanese engineering, the animatronics create a playful and instructive walk amongst the mighty marine creatures that once ruled the depths of the sea. 
Visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to discover how amazing the primaeval ocean world looked like and spot the similarities and the differences between the modern sea animals and their ancestors, as well as between the terrestrial and aquatic dinosaurs.

‘Dinosaurs of the Sea’ was created by Argentinian palaeontologist Dr Sebastian Apesteguia and Dr Adrian Giacchino.




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